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Ocean Sail Training

OXYGENE SAIL Sailing Beyond borders

Oxygene Sail wanted to include in the training program called offshore Sail Training, an advanced course that allows our students to try their hand at long offshore sailing and seafaring exploration. The search for the “Atlantic Breath” brings us back to a traditional navigation, where time and space are once again linked to nature and its rhythms.

It is here, in the deep blue of the ocean that the student fully understands the motto “get your hands dirty, take action!”. In the ocean you are alone, you have to get by with your own strength and knowledge.

Grinta Clipper68

Grita is a Clipper 68, designed by Sir Robin Knox Johnston for the famous Clipper World Race. Born to circumnavigate the world with non-professional crews, in total safety and maximum speed. It is equipped with all the instruments and equipment necessary for unlimited navigation.

Rigging, sails, electronics are new fully equipped with safety and communication equipment. She can accommodate 20 crew members, each with their own bunk and personal space.

Name: Grinta
Model: Clipper 68
Designer: Ed Dubois
Year: 2004
Lft: 20,68
Beam: 5,76
Draft: 3
Cutter Armed


Ocean Sail training involves two stages, preparatory to each other:

Ocean Sea Trial: preparation for long navigation and regatta

Ocean Regatta: partecipation in the ARC 2022


Objectives: to prepare the crew that will have to face the transatlantic.


  1. check seafaring skills
  2. sail plan; haze reduction; sails repair; Spinnaker
  3. Strong weather strategies; storm sails; still floating; route planning; safety maneuvers
  4. Practical management of emergencies: MOB; leak management; dismasting; rudder break; injured on board; abandonment of the ship.
  5. Human resource, energy and food management.
  6. Use of electronic devices; AIS; Radar; VHF DSC; Satellite
  7. Practical meteorology: synoptic maps analysis; on-board instrumentation analysis;

Duration: 6 nights / 7 days. at your place:

• Series “A”: 28 August – 4 September 2022 (embarkation / disembarkation to be defined)

• Series “B”: 4 – 11 September 2022 (embarkation / disembarkation to be defined)

Requirements: good nautical knowledge; BLSD certificate.

Participation fee: € 800,00

The fee includes: membership card, liability and accidents insurance; Commander and Second in Command (federal instructors); port of embarkation / disembarkation; galley; diesel oil; complete on-board equipment

The fee does not include: return trip for embarkation / disembarkation; Bed linen and towels; alcoholic; any intermediate ports; everything not included under “the fee includes”.


Objectives: take part to the Ocean Race ARC 2022 aboard Grinta, with a close-knit and trained crew, able to put into practice what has been acquired in the Sea Trial. Participation in the regatta will take place in category II, with the aim of achieving maximum performance and the best position in the standings.


  1. Preparation of the medium: structural analysis; evaluation of workloads and wear;
  2. Spare stuffs, stowage plan, intervention tools
  3. Galley plan; resource management
  4. Weather analysis
  5. Race tactics and strategy;
  6. Communication


Duration: three weeks from November 18, 2022 to December 10, 2022

Requirements: having participated in the Ocean Sea Trial or a proven seafaring experience; ISAF sea survival course

Participation fee: € 3700,00


The fee includes: membership card, liability and accidents insurance Participation fee to the ARC 2022 Ocean Race, Commander and Second in Command (federal instructors), port of embarkation / disembarkation, galley, diesel oil, complete on-board equipment.

The fee does not include: return trip for embarkation / disembarkation, Bed linen and towels, alcoholic, any intermediate ports, everything not included under “the fee includes”.